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in this together - carol shaben

In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth & Reconciliation

I had a vague idea that Echo lived somewhere east of town, down a stretch of tar-striped highway on the other side of the town campsite. How could it be that I’d never once thought to ask?
— In This Together, Carol Shaben

Evocative and unsettling, In This Together is an eye-opening collection of personal essays by Indigenous and non-Indigenous contributors from across Canada. 

Without flinching, the contributors - including journalists, academics, and artists - each explore their own "aha" moments regarding Canada's colonial past and present to ask how we can all move forward in a spirit of reconciliation and anti-racism.

Edited by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail with essays from:

Carliegh Baker - Steven Cooper (with Twyla Campbell) - Katherin Edwards - Carissa Halton - Donna Kane - Rhonda Kronyk - Zacharias Kunuk - Emma LaRocque - Erika Luckert - Antoine Mountain - Lorri Neilsen Glenn - Katherine Palmer Gordon - Joanna Streetly - Kamala Todd    witha conversation between Shelagh Rogers and The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair.


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between interruptions

Between Interruptions: 28 women tell the truth about motherhood

I came to motherhood at knifepoint.
— Between Interruptions, Carol Shaben

They may want them, crave them, begin them again and again - but they are constantly interrupted by kids, partners, work, and the day-to-day details of busy lives. Between Interruptions is a remarkable collection of original essays be Canadian women that explores what is unspoken, cut off or lost in those interrupted conversations. It asks what becomes of us when our children interrupt our own. What prayers, what cries, what taboo thoughts are suddenly left unspoken?

Laid bare in this collection are the vivid, gut-wrenching, exhilarating, and sometimes heartbreaking true confessions and secret longings of mothers across all ages, cultures, and classes.

Edited by Cori Howard with essays from:

Marina Jiménez - Alison Kelly - Estée Klar-Wolfond - Chantal Kreviazuk - Joy Kogawa - Deidre Kogawa-Canute - Jen Lawrence - Mary Lynk - Rachel Maté - Chandra Mayor - Ami McKay - Carrie-Anne Moss - Susan Olding - Sheree-Lee Olson - Katrina Onstad - Elizabeth Renzetti - Harmony Rice - Rachel Rose - Denise Ryan - Crisanta Sampang - Joanna Streetly - Dorothy Woodend - Jamie Zeppa.

The first Canadian anthology of its kind, Between Interruptions focuses on the transformation involved in becoming a mother and the impact it has on our identity, our ambition and our relationships. It is, without a doubt, a conversation worth having. 


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